Who are we?

We’re a diverse group of people with one thing in common: code. From programmers to designers, professors to language teachers, C Girls Code was created to provide a space to empower women and girls through mentoring and learning more about coding. 


Our mission is to boost women and girls to develop coding skills to improve their life, economic and work conditions while we contribute to reducing the gender gap and lack of talented people in tech areas.   

The C Girls Code Team


A passionate software developer, entrepreneur and reformed perfectionist, Gilda is a mother of two girls and the BETA mover and shaker of our group.  Even though she’s an experienced software quality assurance and business analyst, she's now also a jr. developer who’s re-learning to code.


Resilient and a big dreamer, Alma takes the words "don't go for second best" to heart. She's also a mother, yogi,  teacher, blogger, writer, lifelong student who's learning to code with Harvard's CS50x. She’s at her best when she's connecting people, sharing educational opportunities, collaborating in projects that empower people or on the dance floor.


The first millennial beta tester on our team, Jess is quiet but don’t let that fool you. Her confidence comes across when she talks about what she loves the most: web development, Ruby on Rails, The Beatles, watching Netflix or reading novels.


With a background in medicine, Karen’s arrival to IT was non-traditional to say the least.  Foul or fair weather, she’s always the calmest person. A solver and doer, her passions lie in Microsoft technologies, with experience in Windows Azure administration.


Millennial, inquisitive, the twenty three year old Scarlett admits she has trouble understanding how the world works and she’s still learning.  Extremely visual, she has to reflect upon things before getting her hands dirty -"I need to see to understand", she explains. Which probably explains why she’s a graphic designer; it’s her way of connecting to the universe. Her biggest fear is to not progress and that’s why she’s with C Girls, so she can learn, help and grow.